27 September 2006

Baby stuff, House Concert

Monday morning, bright and early, Kris & Little Miss and I loaded up the cars and headed down I94 to St. Cloud. The Passat was acting up again, so we dropped it off at the dealer and went to Panera for a little treat. After that it was off to Target for baby registry stuff.

We had a great time. Okay, it took us a while, but eventually we had a great time. Kristin has become to baby shopping what I am to all other styles of shopping - she uses a "baby bargains" book and WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, REGISTER FOR SOMETHING WITHOUT CONSULTING THE BOOK. I wasn't quite expecting that, so it took us a bit to get our minds on the same wavelength. We did, eventually, and I think we got registered for a lot of stuff that we'll need.

It's somewhat overwhelming, the amount of stuff we're going to have once this baby arrives. How have we managed to survive these thousands of years without boppies? Without a zip-up travel changing mat? Without a Pack N Play, which coincidentally looks an awful lot like the changing table we could have registered for but didn't? Makes a gadget guy like me go a little overboard...

Okay, now here's my complaint. Can we please get little girl clothes in a color other than pink? Please? There's nothing wrong with pink itself, mind you - I have a good friend who loves pink and can wear it and look great. But personally we don't care for it. But we don't have many choices in the matter, as it seems like 75% of girls infant and toddler clothing is pink. Wow. Good thing our families can be counted on to get us University of Nebraska and University of Oregon clothing or we'd be buried in the stuff.

Yesterday we got invited to our first house concert by some local friends. The headliner is Justin Roth, who has played with Storyhill in the past and who I've always wanted to hear live. We're really looking forward to the show. It'll be on Thompson Lake just outside of Barrett on October 10th - click on this link for more info and to request seating space. How cool is this?

And that's the news from Barrett - Tschuss!


  1. Thanks for the nod on the pink! Did you know they actually make Packer clothes for little girls in pink? Instead of the green and gold. I suppose their little baby cheeseheads are still gold, though.

  2. You will never have to worry about pink coming from the two of us--I have issues with it as well! :)

  3. You know, they have Husker and Ducks stuff in pink now.

    "I'm dreaming, of a pink, Christmas . . . "


  4. You wouldn't dare, you filthy bastard...