17 September 2006

Wailin' Jennys

So I was looking for a CD to play on the radio while I worked in my shop this afternoon. We've got a CD case that holds several hundred of the things, some of which I honestly haven't listened to in a while. This is how I justify having so much music on hand; I listen to stuff once a year, remember it, and hold on to it.

Anyway, I found "40 Days" by The Wailin' Jennys. I had forgotten how much I liked this group - folk harmonists from Canada who sing brilliantly together. You'll find a link to their website on my links to your right. Check them out - they're worth a listen, especially live.


  1. Aren't Canadians the best?

    Your Eddie Bauer water bottle seems to think so :P (it's with me in Hamilton, ON).

    God bless, man

    Steve Dykstra

  2. Awesome! Good to hear from you! Canadians are pretty cooh, eh? I'm glad my EB bottle found a good home - my Nalgene back here in Minnesota would have been jealous. EB was a trip fling, you know - nothing serious. What happens in Canada stays in Canada... :-)