13 October 2006

Comfort Meme

Comfort Beverage: a good, strong, thick cup of coffee, full-bodied, no cream or sugar. Especially on a cold fall/winter morning such as this, although sipping a cup of coffee outside on a peaceful morning by the lake is also good.

Comfort Chair:
does it count if I gave it up? I had the world's best 'ugly chair' until a few months ago when we gave it to the youth room at the church. Now my comfort chair would have to be its replacement, my grandpa's old recliner that sits upstairs by the baby's room. We have a brand new recliner in the living room, but it hasn't been through the wars long enough to be considered a comfort chair.

Comfort Read:
This is bizarre, I know, but Stephen King is a great comfort read for me. Also Tolkien, C.S. Lewis (fiction only for comfort), Orson Scott Card and Walt Wangerin, Jr.

Comfort TV:
hmmm - don't really have 'comfort' TV, per se. I suppose College Football Gameday would be the closest to 'comfort' TV. I love "Lost," "Grey's Anatomy," "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip," and "Friday Night Lights," but none of those are comfort TV. OHH, WAIT - "Ed" would be my Comfort TV. Still can't believe they canceled it. "Ed" was our favorite show when we first started dating. Actually, if memory serves, "Ed" was the subject of our very first conversation, with the divine miss Kathryn and Pierce also present. Wow - now it's DEFINITELY comfort TV.

Comfort Companions:
Beloved would be top o' the list, without a doubt. Little Bros, the parentals, the Cape Cod boys and assorted hangers-on - you name it, my friends and family are my comfort companions. Two I'm missing the most in the past year are my grandma Ruth Johnson and Pastor Larry Meyer; life is not so wonderful without their presence.

Comfort Music:
Rich Mullins, Peter Mayer, Storyhill and the Wailin' Jennys. Heavy on the Rich. Beloved knows I'm having a rough day if our radio becomes the "all Rich, all the time" station when I get home.

Comfort Food:
My momma's Butterfinger Dessert and Mud Pie. Also Chunky Monkey or Phish Food from Ben & Jerry's. Coldstone Creamery would top the list if we could get there in less than 90 minutes.

Comfort Clothes:
my adidas track pants and a long sleeve tshirt - what I'm wearing right now. Aren't you glad I'm comfortable? :-)

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