17 October 2006

The World's Smallest Storyhill Fan

Beloved and I took in a Storyhill show on Saturday night at Pioneer Place on Fifth in St. Cloud. We had a GREAT day, actually; we met our friend K for supper at Ciatti's in St. Cloud, then went over to the show a few blocks away. Pioneer Place on Fifth is a cool venue with a lot of shows year round - I think I'm going to add their website to my links sometime soon.

Chris and Johnny were, as always, magnificent, especially Saturday night. They've been on this release tour for a few months now, so you can imagine how good the music was after all the rehearsing. Their new CD is available only at their shows due to the prospect of a major label contract, so we of course ponied up and got one; are we ever glad. Some great new tunes, especially "Give Up The Ghost" and "Unbelievable Love."

During the opening act, Kristin needed to use the restroom, but of course there was a LONG line and, being Kris, she needed to go NOW. Eventually they opened up the basement restroom for the women because the line kept getting longer. PP on Fifth obviously doesn't like to do this because the women's restroom shares a wall with the green room; Kris got to do her business while listening to Chris & Johnny talking and warming up before their show.

The COOLEST thing, for me, was the reaction of Little Miss to the music. Apparently we have conceived the world's smallest Storyhill fan. Kris says she started kicking and squirming the minute Chris & Johnny started playing and didn't let up until we were walking back to our car. I looked over at one point and Kris was so uncomfortable her face was green; she said the constant squirming was making her nauseous. Thus, a cool moment for me and Little Miss. Not so much for the Bearer of the Babe.

We drove home listening to our new CD, amazed at how much we like the new stuff, very happy about what might turn out to be our last date for a while. Sunday night I was home before Kris and trying to figure out the chords for some of the new Storyhill stuff. When Kris got home she came upstairs. I lit into "Spaces" and apparently Little Miss went nuts AGAIN. Maybe she gets her musical taste from me? We'll have to see.

And that's the news from Babyville. :-)


  1. We had something similar happen to us when Donna was pregnant with Zach. I was singing with the choir at a Beethoven festival with other choirs from the area.

    I don't remember for sure what song we were singing, but when the bass section kicked in, Donna said Zach immediately started kicking.

    Pretty cool stuff!

  2. What did he do the first time he heard "Elvira?"

    Sorry - couldn't resist. :-)

  3. I wasn't allowed to sing that to him - whether she was pregnant or not, Donna would puke!

  4. Miranda was all about our church's Christmas Cantata last year!! I, like Kris, found it less than enjoyable. :)