30 November 2006

Anti-shopping Christmas

Beloved and I have decided to keep our Christmas presents small and meaningful this year, and we've asked our families to do the same if possible. So here are a few websites for you to peruse as you consider the true nature of the holiday season:

Buy Nothing for Christmas
The Church of Immaculate Consumption
Reverend Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping

If I were more handy I'd make our presents myself, but a) I'm not a craft person per se and b) I'm pretty clueless as to what kind of crafts my loved ones could use anyway. So we'll just keep it small and simple this year and that, I think, will be enough. Some of our shopping is already complete and most will be complete in a week or so, I think.

A blessed Advent to you all - please think about what you're doing and who you're honoring as you do it!

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