29 November 2006

Zac Taylor, All Big XII Quarterback

Any regular reader of this blog knows I bleed Husker Scarlet. This year has been especially good for many of us Husker fans, due to one player more than any other: Zac Taylor. Most of us figured he'd never get the accolades he deserved for all he's done for the Huskers over the past two seasons, though of course we wished everyone could see what we see in Taylor's work ethic, leadership, poise and maturity.

Yesterday our wish came true: Zac Taylor was named the All Big XII Quarterback and the Big XII Offensive Player of the Year. We couldn't be happier.

Tom Shatel of the Omaha World-Herald wrote a great article about it: take a read here.

Congratulations, Zac - we could be happier that you're earning the recognition you so richly deserve. Now go out and whip them Sooners!

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