26 December 2006

Christmas Holidays and a Delicious Moment of Humor

We were flipping channels last night in a post-Christmas dinner stupor when we came across the National Spelling Bee. We didn't watch long - seeing 14 year olds wither under spotlights is just too emotionally charged for our tastes (this from a former state finalist - wonder how my parents handled it?). But during the short while we were watching, I swear I heard one of the commentators say the word "examinating."

The National Spelling Bee? "Examinating?" Seriously? Delicious.

In other news, Beloved, Little Miss and I made a "test run" to the hospital on Saturday. Seems Beloved might have overdone it on our treadmill that morning - she went for a 30 minute walk and must have encouraged LM to think it was time to go. Nothing major - small contractions and likely a stretched ligament in Beloved's tummy. But we discovered a few things that will be helpful to know when the blessed day does come, such as:
1. The maternity ward's selection of magazines isn't spectacular. In a word, for daddies, it blows. Threw a couple of books into the birth bag when we got home just so I'd have something to read. For AFTER, of course - do you really think I'll read DURING labor? (Mom, don't answer that one.)
2. When you pre-register at the hospital for labor & delivery, they can get you to the maternity ward quicker than Ruben Stoddard devouring a Philly Cheesesteak. If that's the case (and I'm not saying it shouldn't be), can someone explain why it took four hours to get from triage to a room in the ER last Christmas holiday?
3. The greatest benefit of small communities is the personal interaction you get with folks. Our maternity nurses were wonderful, especially the one with whom we had mutual friends. We're hoping she'll be on call when the delivery comes. AND the doctor with whom we were originally going to deliver came by to check on us when she heard Beloved was there. We're not her patients anymore, but she checked anyway. How cool is that?

In other news, we are headed to Nebraska for some much-anticipated family time. With the proper amount of rest and care, Little Miss won't be a native-born Husker; let's hope that's the case. Grandma Janke celebrates her 90th birthday on Saturday and we're spending time with friends for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (another baby shower? Okay!). I won't be blogging much more until we return on the 2nd. Go Huskers!

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