17 January 2007

Still Waiting

So, we still have a reluctant PK yet-to-hatch. Beloved is growing more and more uncomfortable. We know that every day in the womb is another day of development, but it's rough for Beloved to deal with the discomfort and it's rough for me to watch.

It's funny how your mindset changes. Two weeks ago I basically hovered around the house waiting for the baby to pop out. Last week I just kind of checked in every few hours to see how Beloved was feeling. Tonight I had to remind myself that, yes, we WILL be having a baby sometime in the next month.

But the priorities haven't changed at all. They continue to be
1: healthy baby; 2: healthy wife; 3: happy daddy. So far I think we're doing okay on all three counts. Pray for us!


  1. Julie asked tonight about you two, so I just had to check out the blog. Good thing you keep it updated or I would not have been able to tell her anything.

    Waiting sucks ... for moms and dads. I think dads try to act like the waiting is not getting to them, but moms know better. Yup. Waiting sucks.

    Just remember that God is in control, and that is a blessing right there. We are thinking about you, and praying for all three of you (as are all of your friends). Everything is in His hands, and it is all going to work out beautifully.

    We can not wait to see pictures of you all. Send them soon. :-)

    God bless.