03 January 2007

A Terrible Day to be a College Football Fan

Nick Saban has been hired as the head coach at Alabama. After insisting for nearly three weeks that he wouldn't take the job. His contract, by the way, is 8 years and $32 million. Guaranteed.

I hope Alabama tanks and tanks hard: that would be a fitting reward for both this carpetbagging coach and the bigwigs who engineered this mess. What has happened at Alabama is the worst pile of BS generated by an institution of higher education. No one person is worth the media scrutiny and exorbitant salary generated by this travesty of a job search.

Pat Forde at espn.com says much more, much better than I can. But I'll end with this: some might think I'm being too hard on Alabama, that wishing for a team's downfall is too bitter. But folks, this is football we're talking about. It's a game. No game is ever worth what has happened in Tuscaloosa these past few weeks, and if it takes a meltdown of large proportions to make that point, then I'm all for it.

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  1. Leave it to the Rev to link to an article by a guy named Forde...

    Good points, though...all of them.

    Didja notice that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the coaching situations he referenced involved the SEC? Okay, not the one with Butch Davis leaving Miami, but they're pretty much honorary members anyway.