13 January 2007

What I've Learned This Week (with additions from Beloved)

Hi all, Kristin here. So: no baby yet!
Scott came up with a "Top Ten List" of things he's learned this week...I have decided to add my own lessons learned to this list (his are in bold).
1. You're 4 centimeters dilated, fully effaced, the baby's head is so low it's practically out, you're membranes have been stripped and you need to be on bed rest because "you'll be in labor before you know it!", does NOT mean you'll be in labor before you know it so cancel every appointment you've made for this week and go sit at home and watch movies until your baby arrives.
2. Mommies-to-be sitting on stability balls do not like being clucked at.
3. Watching every episode of TLC's 'The Baby Story' will not help induce labor. In fact, it will only make you more depressed to know that your body is 4 TIMES as far along in the "delivery process" than these woman who have gone into labor.
4. Fiercely pregnant women get sympathetic glances from every woman they meet. Men accompanying fiercely pregnant women get cold stares at best - open hostility is always a possibility.
5. Cats do NOT like feeling babies-to-be moving in Mommy's tummy.
6. Just because walking on a treadmill a few weeks ago put you into labor when you didn't want to be in labor, you should NOT assume that it WILL put you into labor when you WANT to be in labor.
7. You can only do so many laps around a Target/JcPenny/Herberger's store before you begin to get REALLY depressed and start to buy clothes to make yourself feel better.
8. Don't take it personally when even your midwife walks into your exam room with a look of "you're still pregnant?" There's no better feeling than "stumping" even your own doctor as to why you haven't gone yet.
9. I will never underestimate again the pleasure of sleeping on your side/back/however one might want to sleep.
10. If the best way to make God laugh is to make plans, we have been God's comic relief for about 10 days now.
So there you have it. I think we are both learning the first lesson in parenting: patience! :0)
Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and phone calls. We hope to have good news soon.....or I may just enter into the hospital because I've gone INSANE!!!

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