06 April 2007

Baby Ainsley 365: Catching Up

Who wouldn't want to wake up to a face like this? It seems our little girl is a morning person.

We really like to stand up and take a good look around after we eat.

Something tells me she's going to be just this determined in 15 years, and then we'll really be in trouble.

Kaysha was a senior in high school and an active member of our youth group during my first year in Barrett. Home from college after spring break, she wanted to come over and see Ainsley again. We remembered to take a picture this time.

Apparently daycare Easter egg hunts are a little lacking in quality control.

In other news, my foot is completely pain-free today, and was for most of yesterday, too. Holy cow, do those drugs work fast. I'm still restricted running-wise, but I'm hoping to get a bike ride in tomorrow if the weather cooperates. If not, well, maybe a week off will be just what the doctor ordered. Wait - that is what the doctor ordered. Go figure. :-)

1 comment:

  1. I think Ainsley looks just like you, Scott (except pretty)! :)