05 April 2007

Pre-Resurrection Resurrection

Well, the computer is finally back online at home after a couple days at the shop. Just a dead battery, but in the meantime we had a six-inch snowstorm on Tuesday and we just didn't feel like journeying out in the nasty wind & snow for a computer. But it's back and working again; resurrected from the dead, if you will, at least for now.

In the meantime, here's what's happened. That great run on Saturday may have really cost me - I have some sort of tendonitis in my left foot and have been ordered to shut down for a week to let it heal. Our Nurse Practicioner gave me Naproxen and a steroid to help it heal faster, and even after 12 hours I can feel it working, so hopefully that will be the end of that. If I can get a 20 miler in before the marathon I'll feel okay about my chances, but if the weather doesn't improve I won't be able to bike to keep my fitness up where it needs to be. Right now there's still a few inches of snow & muck on the ground and that is bad news for outdoor workouts around here. Hopefully I'll at least be able to get a long ride in Saturday morning.

Sunday night was AJ's first nuclear meltdown. I had her at home for the afternoon while Beloved led some workshops at her church in Alexandria. We arrived home with groceries around 4:00, and I had just enough time to put the refrigerated stuff away before the storm ensued. She managed to get down half a bottle between crying fits and then proceeded to wail at the top of her lungs. For three hours.






Daddy. (into a pillow, of course)

Finally I bundled her into the car again and took off. I figured if she didn't stop by the time I got to Lutheran Social Services I'd just drop her off for adoption and tell Beloved it was for the best. ;-) Thankfully she finally quieted down after about 10 minutes in the car and I brought her home, asleep, after an hour or so. I needed the time for myself, too. Wow, that was some night.

Thankfully, Monday night was as much the opposite as one might hope. Dad & Ainsley had a lovely night at home while Beloved was back at work in Alex. Since I'm woefully behind on the Baby Ainsley 365 project I'll need a day or two to figure out how many pictures I need to post. Here's one of us finally getting the Baby Bjorn to work on Monday night. The key ingredient? You guessed it: the pacifier. Who knew?


  1. Couldn't stop laughing!!! Of course, I'm sure some day that'll be us! By the way, great article on the two (three!) of you in the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries paper!

  2. Thanks! Kris wasn't really happy with the picture, but at the time it was the only "family" picture we had. Thankfully there will be plenty more in months to come.

    You know, nothing teaches you the meaning of the word "futility" more than having a baby. Well, maybe teaching Shakespeare to 8th grade boys, but you might know more about that than I.