15 June 2007

Friday Five: Books, books, books...

Sally sez:

I've just returned from a meeting in Cambridge so I'm posting this late here in the UK (it is 3:45pm).. because I took the opportunity of a free afternoon in Cambridge's wonderful book shops... I only bought a few- and they were on sale- very restrained for me!!!

So with my head full of books I've seen and a long wish list in my mind, I bring you a Friday Five on books!!!

1. Fiction what kind, detective novels, historical stuff, thrillers, romance????

I love lots of different stuff, and I tend to read in cycles: first some sci-fi, then a good mystery, perhaps historic fiction, now fantasy or something different. Favorite authors include Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Robert Jordan, Ray Bradbury, C.S. Lewis, Douglas Adams and many others, though I will read far and wide depending on my palate at the given moment.

2. When you get a really good book do you read it all in one chunk or savour it slowly?

Must. Devour. Good. Book. NOW. When The Deathly Hallows comes out next month I'll probably take a day off from work to get it all down - I did the same thing with The Dark Tower. I usually pick up more the second time through a good book (and yes, I do re-read my favorites).

3. Is there a book you keep returning to and why?

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings. Simply put, Tolkien didn't just write a ripping good epic: he created a history and a mythology of indescribable beauty, wisdom and depth. Like many Ringers, I was terrified when I heard that the Rings movies were going into production; I couldn't see how they would ever make a movie that would capture the tale. Thanks goodness everyone involved committed themselves to doing work that would honor the breadth and beauty of Tolkien's vision.

4. Apart from the Bible which non-fiction book has influenced you the most?

Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Aside from being the inspiration for the name of this blog, Bonhoeffer's vision of what it means to follow Christ challenges and comforts me every time I read it.

5. Describe a perfect place to read. ( could be anywhere!!!)

We took a shot honeymoon on the north shore of Lake Superior just after we were married in 2004, staying at a resort south of Grand Marais, MN. We've returned to the resort twice now, and every time I find myself on the front deck in a rocking adirondack chair with a cup of coffee and a good book, reading and watching the sun rise over the lake. That's time I treasure, especially with a newborn who now rules our early morning hours - I can't wait to get back sometime this year (hopefully).


  1. Okay, must first giggle at "shot honeymoon" - because it made me think of a "shotgun wedding." I'm sorry!

    I am RIGHT WITH YOU on your favourite authors, though. I think Orson Scott Card may be the finest living SF/F author today. But I'm quite fond of Neil Gaiman and some others, too.

    Great play! Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    -- Hedwyg

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one planning to take a day off for Deathly Hallows Devourment...and you've reminded me that I really, really do need to read the Rings trilogy. I tried as a kid but couldn't get into it, and I've just got to try again.

    Good play!

  3. I'm totally with you on the "Must. Devour." thing. I just can't help myself, even with mediocre books.

    Great play!

  4. How could I have forgotten to list Douglas Adams? The man is completely insane. I re-read all 5 five books of the Hitchhiker Trilogy at least twice a year. And his Dirk Gently books are such a great spoof on detecting novels.

  5. Oops! Our "SHORT" honeymoon was lovely, and not pressured at all by the presence of firearms. :-)

    Neil Gaiman! How could I forget! AMERICAN GODS and ANANSI BOYS are two of the finest novels of the last 20 years, in any fictional genre. Another one I keep forgetting is Philip Pullman; very interested to see what THE GOLDEN COMPASS will look like when the movie is released.

  6. I forgot the Dark Tower. Thanks! And Grand Marias really is a fabulous place to put up your feet and read with great coffee-

    Even in the winter (which is our more economical mid-week getaway!)


  7. I agree about the LOTR movies--I watched the extended editions and they were a tribute to Tolkien's literary genius.

  8. Love your list of favorite authors. It reminded me of some I should revisit. Thanks.

  9. Bonhoeffer is amazing isn't he- Discipleship always seems to deliver a new challenge!
    Well played :-)