26 June 2007

Monday Meme: Five Things I Dig About Jesus

Church Nerd tagged me for this one. Beloved and Ainsley are both napping, so hopefully I won't be interrupted for a bit.

1. Jesus, the Son of God, cried when his friend died. Knowing he would raise him from the dead did not lessen the pain of watching his friends grieve. That is empathy of the highest degree.
2. Jesus got angry with religious leaders who used their position and the Temple for profit. Our denomination has a mission investment fund, where people can invest money that churches use to borrow on for building projects - the investors receive the majority of the interest on those loans. I'm not so sure Jesus wouldn't have a serious problem with this kind of business in the church.
3. Jesus knew that there simply is no excuse for drinking lousy wine (or beer, if he'd known about it).
4. Jesus didn't care about position or lack of it - he treated people according to the grace and love within their hearts. Would that I could do the same.

Long interruption as Ainsley wakes with great wailing and gnashing of gums (she doesn't have teeth yet) and I forget to come and finish this meme. Resumed Tuesday afternoon while I'm reading the newspaper.

5. Jesus did all that he did out of great love and selfless giving. We know so little about how to live in this way that we trust the Spirit to call, gather, enlighten and sanctify us into the way of Jesus. In other words, Christian life is a gift in and of itself - it is not something we can own or possess. The only reason any of us gets to do what we do as Christians is because God the Creator loves us - and Jesus came to show us that love.

There you have it - five things I dig about Jesus. No tags today - this one's gone around most of the blogs I read already. Those of you who haven't been tagged may consider yourselves tagged if you wish. Blessings.

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