07 June 2007


We had a great vacation. After three days of leaving work behind (yes, it does take that long sometimes) I was able to really relax and enjoy spending lots of time with Beloved, Ainsley and some of our best friends. I'd like to post some pics from our trip out east. But that post will take a while to put together, and between AinsleyCare, practice for Inherit the Wind and this weekend's Synod Assembly (for which yours truly is the chair of the worship committee), it's not likely to happen soon. Here's at least one for you: eating lunch outside Fanueil Hall in downtown Boston.

But I may have time to do it while I'm AT the Synod Assembly. Beloved is going to bring her work computer along, and if wireless is available in the assembly hall (which I think it is), I'll blog during the big Lutheran meet-up in Moorhead. The Bishop's term is up this year, so it's a three day assembly due to the election, my first. Should be interesting.

I LOVE the part I've been given for Inherit the Wind. I'm playing E.K. Hornbeck, the Baltimore Herald journalist based on H.L. Mencken. How often does a Lutheran pastor get to call someone a "Barnum-bunkum, Bible-beating Bastard!"? My only concerns are that a) we have lots of people missing lots of rehearsals, b) we have even more people that have one or two lines and STILL aren't off book, c) and there are some rather abrasive personalities rubbing against each other right now (seriously, someone came offstage last night to question why I had exited the scene, when my stage directions clearly said that I was supposed to exit. And she was not. Get your shit together, people!). It will be interesting to see if we can pull this off by the 22nd; I think we can, but it will take a lot of work.

And now, a moment of silence for my running blog, Go Big Rev:

Why keep two blogs when you could easily do just the one? I'm not sure, but no one's reading it and frankly I'm not that interested in doing any more that what I've done here previously. Anyway, running posts will be back here soon as I start running again (today, I swear). I'm planning to run the North Country Marathon in Walker, MN in September, so training will start today.

Just saw an iPhone commercial on ESPN. covetcovetcovetcovetcovetcovetcovet...

There are days when I wish that this was an anonymous blog, because I'd talk about stuff far more openly. But this isn't the place to discuss what's got me really disheartened this week. I would, however, ask for your prayers. Some stuff is happening that just ain't right.

But we're back home - until we leave again. Such is our life right now. Yay!


  1. I have a solution for your anonymous blog - it's called email, or better yet a private conversation. I agree, being completely open for all to see is a bit intimidating and has it's limits with political ramifications. Prayers being sent.

  2. It was a bishop election year at my synod assembly, too. I was hoping it would be fun and informative. Though our Bishop was up for re-election, and he got it on the first ballot. Beat out three other people, and the closest one to him was still behind by at least 350 votes. And we got all of our other business done in a short amount of time. So we had an extra half day that we really didn't need.
    But it was still interesting, at least.