22 June 2007

Thursday Three: The Loss of Innocence

Bro does a Thursday Three on his blog - this week's was accompanied by a cute story about my nephew. Here's the Thursday Three:

Anyway, for this week's Thursday Three, name some belief or tradition of youth that you held onto as long as you could. It could be similar to astronauts eating hay, or not! As usual, let me know if you play.

1. We rode the bus to school when we were kids. We'd be standing at the end of our driveway when the bus would pop over the hill south of our house, at which point the game was to race up and down our driveway at least twice before the bus arrived.
2. I remember watching the Indianapolis 500 with my dad back in the early '80s and wanting to be a race car driver in the worst way - anything my dad loved that much had to be cool, right?
3. I had a crush on Kelly Ekberg from preschool Sunday School through sixth grade. I mean a SERIOUS crush. One Thanksgiving I told my family we were going to get married and have six kids. Our kindergarten teacher called our parents and warned them that were a little too chummy for her comfort. But we never once kissed and rarely held hands. Aaaahhh, young love. C'est la vie, no?

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  1. Thanks for playing. I don't remember the races back and forth, but I do recall making a mad dash down the driveway when we were late!