13 June 2007

Unser Computer ist defekt!

Yes, I know we're overdue to post some vacation photos. But our $@#$@Q#$%ing laptop hasn't had any sound for nearly two months, so we've had it into the witch doctor to try and puzzle it out. Today he told me it's a hardware problem and probably not worth the labor costs to fix it. Great. Now we need a new computer? I love buying gadgets, but not when they should have lasted longer!

In other news, I've managed to mess up my back something fierce. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon sitting and reading because working at my desk at the office was just too painful. This morning when Ainsley needed a bottle at 4:30 my back was so stiff I couldn't walk at first, and beloved wound up doing the early feeding. Went to the doctor this morning and she prescribed an anti-inflammatory steroid and a muscle relaxant. I swear, with all the steroids we've been on this year it's a wonder we don't have East German accents. (thanks folks, I'll be here all week - please tip your waitress!)


  1. I don't want to hear a word about your back when I'm looking for a golfing partner next week or in the weeks to come during our time at the lake. Also forgot to ask permission to share your blog as I used you as an example for my first official blog. I hope it's ok. Talk to you soon. We'll be up next Thursday - you better be BACK!

  2. Ok. I got tagged today to play a meme game on eight random things. And now I've tagged you. I hope you decide play, if so check out my blog for details. If not, I understand, these game things are not for every one.
    Quaker Pastor

  3. QP: I LOVE memes - I'll play sometime today or tomorrow. Thanks for the tag!

    Nate: I should be fine this time next week. It's already markedly better after one day of the meds and trying to take it easy. You can kick my butt whenever you get here. :-) And no problem sharing the blog - that's why we're here! My brother is an elementary school teacher in NE; a link to his blog is on my Blogroll. Might be interesting for you.