03 July 2007

Baby Ainsley 365: Bad News & Good News & Bad News

So, Grandma & Grandpa Johnson, does this sleeping pose look familiar? :-)

BAD NEWS: the laptop which has busted speakers now also has two non-functioning USB ports and a serious case of the hiccups. Considering the cost of repairs, etc. it's just not worth the trouble.
GOOD NEWS: A certain computer manufacturer had a $250 reduction in price on the desktop we were already considering this week. So we're getting a new computer.
BAD NEWS: The computer wasn't $1,000 off. We're going to have to pay for a new computer. *sigh* Pay the man, pay the man, pay the man...

In other news, we're emailing pictures from Beloved's work laptop to this one so I can post them online. My cousins Jessica & Ryan were in town for the Old Settlers' Reunion, and now I can finally post some of the pictures!

By the way, guys, you don't look ANYTHING like your parents. Just thought you'd like to know.

Note the grip our little angel has on Jessie's hair below. That is one tight fist. It took us a while to get her to let go!

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  1. Hey, isn't this a family friendly blog? Put some clothes on that kid!