31 July 2007

Confirmation Camp 2007, Part 2

Okay, so we've been away for the weekend and now we've got head colds, so I'm sorry this has taken so long to get online. But here is Confirmation Camp 2007, part II: The Arrival.

We began our week at Carol Joy Holling with a little Tri-Ball. Here, Marcus the Counselor shows great form.

Monday morning was our first "Co-Op" experience. Here our kids are playing "Captain"

Alayna and a few of her new friends had to "gobble" their food to stay in the game.

Ashley the counselor and Erin salute the Captain

Tess (second from right), Shelby and my Beloved "gobble" and stay in the game.

Temperature all week: 90s Farenheit. Pool? Yes, please!


Alayna enjoys a cool moment in the pool.

First time I saw this picture, I thought, "Hey, who's the bald guy playing with Ainsley?" Then I realized it was me. Ouch.

The happy family, swimming at camp. Does it get any better?

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  1. Great pictures! (Though not g-r-a-t-e...not yet, at least...)


    Keep 'em coming!