08 July 2007

Running: On the Road Again

I just put together my training schedule for the Siouxland Half-Marathon, to be run 20 October 2007. This is a big deal for me right now. I've taken all of this week off in regard to exercise due to a recurring back problem that just doesn't seem to be getting better - but it's not getting worse, either, and I'm feeling heavy, listless and slow.

When I put together my training schedule for Lincoln way back in January, I overestimated my abilities and flat-out lied to the computer about what I was running. I think that had a lot to do with my tendinitis and the subsequent crash that is still affecting me today. So as I put together the schedule for Siouxland, I made sure I was honest about my current mileage and my ability to ramp up my training (slowly this time - gotta take it easy!).

My short term goal is 1:50 or faster for Siouxland. With proper diet and attention to the details of the training schedule, I think that's a definite possibility. My mid-term goal is 4:00 or better at Grandma's Marathon in Duluth next June. Again, attention to detail will be a key, but after what happened in Lincoln I think it is, again, possible.

My long term goal? Boston. No prediction as to when; it might not be attainable at all. I've made a lot of good changes in my life and gotten healthier, but I'm still a tackle running in a wide receiver's arena. But I need a motivator - why not shoot the moon?

Keep me in your prayers: I'll keep you posted on my training.


  1. Very impressive. I was a runner in high school, but got away from it and am now overweight. With two small children, a third on the way, and a hectic lifestyle, I find it hard to maintain any kind of training program.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Simple answer: RUN :-)

    It's been tough with Ainsley. We've tried several different solutions and none of them work with any kind of regularity. As you know, the disruptions are also where your life is focused now, and that's how it should be.

    Having said that, it does eventually come down to priorities and dedication. Having a spouse who tries to be supportive as much as possible helps, too.

    Subscribing to Runner's World or a similar magazine is a bonus - they always remind you to schedule your runs like you would any other appointment.