18 August 2007

Friday Five +1: Word Association

reverendmother has the Friday Five this week. We're in the Twin Cities with family, so I didn't do web stuff yesterday. This FF was so intriguing, though, that I felt like I HAD to do it.
This one is patterned off an old Friday Five written by Songbird, our Friday Five Creator Emerita.
Below you will find five words. Tell us the first thing you think of on reading each one. Your response might be simply another word, or it might be a sentence, a poem or a story. (Each of these appears in one of the readings from this Sunday's lectionary.)
1. vineyard
A place of peace, where seasons come and go and work is measured in quantifiable terms (at least, it is for the laborer - the owner may see things differently).

2. root
Whatever provides the basis for a deep, nourishing life. A deeply rooted being can withstand storms and drought and all manner of problems. The flip side of this is that deeply rooted "weeds" require a lot of work to remove.

3. rescue
Oh, this sounds like a dangerous word to me right now. Do we absolve ourselves of our responsibility in our hope for rescue? Do we hope for rescue from situations which don't require it? Jesus came to save the lost, but does that include the times and places where we've just gone willfully into danger and refuse to change our course?

4. perseverance
The rarest and most precious of all spiritual gifts? (Possibly the least rewarding as well?)

5. divided
A state in which we find ourselves far too often.
A state in which I find myself at the present time.
A state in which it is hard to know who to trust and what to do.
A state which Christ says will come about as a result of faithfulness to His word.

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