22 August 2007


Why? Because it's almost that time again. HTB RFL, baby!

No, I wasn't in the band in '91 - I started at NU in 1992. But this is the only decent video I could find on YouTube. BTW, Banned geeks, let's get some decent footage posted, esp. drumline stuff if we could?


  1. Thanks for the band video. I had never thought to check for this on YouTube, et. al.

    I watched the LSU vs. Mississippi game tonight. Ahhhh! Football is here again. And I am not nearly as excited as Julie is. I think she almost cried tonight.

  2. Just watched this again ... can you say, "junkie" ... and what a thrill. The standfast near the end still thrills me. I know every horn pop and note of that song. Whew! Once the band is in your blood, it never leaves.

    So, when do we head to Lincoln for a reunion and to listen to the band?