19 August 2007

Running 2007: Can't Win for Tryin'

So running this year has been a huge bust. My New Year's Resolution was running the Lincoln Marathon in 4 hours on May 6, 2007. Well, that didn't happen because I got tendinitis in my right foot. I wanted to re-dedicate myself to regular training in June, so I promptly went and threw my back out of alignment and spent the better part of a month trying to figure out why things weren't healing right. After three trips to the chiropractor, I was finally pain-free and ready to make August the start of my training for the Siouxland Half-Marathon I'll be running on October 20th. But since I've done so little running this year, I've gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of training ability. So I wanted to start from scratch - I figured this would be the healthy thing to do, a rebuild from the ground up, if you will.

Thursday night I sneezed and felt a twinge in my upper back. "Huh, that's odd," thinks I, "wonder what that was all about?" Friday I ran my five miles and felt great. By Friday evening my back was hurting a little bit, but not overwhelmingly so. Yesterday the pain got worse as the day progressed. Today I can barely turn my head and I'm having pain when I swallow, yawn and sneeze. Tomorrow it's off to the chiropractor again, I think, though I'll admit I'm afraid that I've sprung a rib or something - this breathing and swallowing thing has got me a bit worried.

I'm 33 years old and so far this year I've been sidelined by picking up the Child and sneezing. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what's next?

But, to close on a positive note, Baby Ainsley is now sitting up, and so I'll leave you with a cute baby pic:


  1. Cute kid!

    I've wrenched my back twice this year by picking up an infant from the floor - once I was laid out on the floor for two days! Why? It's called middle age, though in my case it also has to do with a complete lack of fitness. I'm 40+ pounds overweight and nothing like the runner I was in high school . . .

    I hope you feel better and get back on pace.

  2. hey your sermon (aug 19) rocked! I think the spirit is on the move, lighting a fire beneath many $#@D this week!

    and... HubHC is the big 40 and an avid - and i do mean avid marathoner. he also has a chiropractor waiting in the wings... so don't feel like it's just you or anything... AND make sure before you run you are taking time to stretch properly (says HubHC... meanwhile i'm settling with a cup of joe and a mouthful of cookies)