26 September 2007

Baby Ainsley 365: Buggy

First, the pictures:

Daddy and Ainsley went out for a run together on Monday - because Daddy's getting fat! Seriously, a colleague looked at me at our annual Pastors' retreat last week and said, "You've gained some weight this year, haven't you?" Sad - just sad. But true.

And this is a picture of what we see every morning when our little princess wakes up each morning.

We've been standing by ourselves since Friday - next thing you know she'll be driving...

So Ainsley caught a bug somewhere last week and it got really bad yesterday and today. She's snotty and miserable and maybe teething and just a bit of a pain right now. AND now Daddy has the bug as well. Last night I cancelled a Bible study because I just felt terrible - achy and feverish and miserable, in bed by 9:00. This morning I had a great workout at the gym and the day's been downhill from there. Came back home for a service project with our confirmation kids, during which Baby A refused to let me put her down for more than thirty seconds - my arms, already sore from weights, were just aching by the time we got done. Then, while I was training our first year students for acolyte duty, she started coughing and gagging a little bit. I picked her up and patted her back, and she proceeded to throw up.





This wasn't cute little baby spit-up, either - my shoulder looked like I had a vomit epaulette. Lovely. Still, it didn't even come close to what AJ's cousin Q did to Beloved when we were in Oregon for Brother-in-law's wedding: that stuff was chunky.

Thankfully, the baby's day ended by falling asleep in my arms while I gave her a final bottle after her bath. No matter how awful my day is, there's nothing that beats that moment. Nothing.

Still, I hope I don't have to do it again at 3:00 tomorrow morning - there is such a thing as too much of a good thing...


  1. jeepers... now that you've caught this bug all i can say is that i hope your not throwing up on people's shoulders. (well throwing up period...wherever.) ick...


  2. Perhaps Ainsley was just taking the title of your last sermon to heart?

    "Real and Messy."

    Sharp theological mind she has...

  3. I remember quite well Cousin Z had a vomit attach. Didn't end until he was 2. =) Hope the bug leaves her soon. =)

  4. Don't blink dad...they grow up quickly. Tonight our oldest came home from college with his girl friend for a quick hello. They were just in and out real quick. He didn't even ask for money!

  5. Ha ha - very funny, Matt. It was indeed real messy.

    And notice how tired I was yesterday - "what we see EVERY MORNING when she wakes up EACH MORNING." Yeesh you'd think I'd have caught that. Thankfully it's just been a feverish type of thing - no vomiting for me, and for AJ only because she's swallowed so much snot her stomach can't handle it anymore. Today she was much better; not nearly as snotty and very, very happy. Nice baby! :-)