11 September 2007

Monday Meme +1: 4 Things

Yesterday was GREAT. We had a day at home with no commitments, the first such day in nearly a month. Oh, the list of stuff that got done! I know that Mondays are supposed to be my Sabbath rest, but sometimes a fella's just gotta get stuff done. I went for my run, washed the laundry, cleaned the litter boxes, cleaned the basement, bagged the recycling and trash for pickup, tidied up the shop, then cut and sanded the legs of the adirondack chair I'm building, a project which might actually get done sometime this millenium. I found a Makita belt sander in our neighbor's garage (yes, I have their permission to snoop) and that will cut prep time immensely - I've offered to take the sander off their hands if they don't use it much.

But boy, am I tired tonight. I slept in this morning until 7:00 thanks to Beloved, who only woke me to take the Child so B could head off to teach water aerobics. She even made coffee for me before she left. The Child and I played until about 8:30, then we got ready for the day and headed off to the office. Ainsley was awesome at the office today - just crawled around and explored most of the time we were there, and I got caught up on a lot of desk work that needed catching up. We were at the church until 12:30, then returned home for lunch. After I got the Child down for her nap, I read the latest Newsweek until Beloved got home, then went back to the office for the afternoon to do Bible study prep and some other stuff. Had a long phone conversation with a friend who needed a sympathetic ear - it was good to feel like I could help a bit. Got home again around 4:30, went for a completely unremarkable 3 mile run (Yay!), showered, ate supper, then headed back to the office for Genesis to Revelation. No one came for G2R, so I spent about 90 minutes planning worship for October, then came back home. Now I'm going to blog a bit and head off to some well-deserved rest.

The run was really nice today. It was cool and windy in Barrett today, but even with the wind I set a nice easy 10:00/mile pace and didn't really have to push to maintain it. Feet and knees are feeling better and I swear I could have turned around and done it again when I was done, which the folks at Runner's World say is the best indicator of a good "easy" day. Tomorrow Beloved and I will work out at the gym, then Thursday morning will be a hard day: 4 miles at 8:30 with a mile warm up and mile cooldown. Hopefully we can keep the tendinitis/back problems to a minimum from now until the Siouxland Half on 20 October.

Anyway, that was the day. Now, here's a fun little meme, courtesy of LutherPunk.

4 Crushes:
1. Kelly E: told my whole family when I was 5 that we’d get married and have six kids.
2. Heidi P: my first ‘girlfriend.’ We walked to confirmation together a couple of times in 7th grade, and couple-skated together at the Halloween & Valentine’s Day skating parties. That’s as far as anything went.
3. Lizz C: trumpet player from the next town over who was at all the honor bands with me. We were at music camp together and I could have sworn I was actually in love with her – head over heels. She wasn’t, and tried to let me down easy; quite possibly the nicest rejection I’ve ever had. What a girl.
4. Karen H: worked at church camp with me for a couple of summers. Total sweetheart with the most incredible eyes. I think I actually made her a friendo as an attempted flirt. Yeesh – what a dork!

4 Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned (and/or that still fit):
1. any of my marching band t-shirts (the only one left is the “Big Johnsen Baritones” from 1994)
2. The electric blue parachute pants my mom bought me in sixth grade – just for comic value
3. More of the clothes I wore in high school, since they’d probably fit again now that I’ve lost so much weight.
4. My old Carol Joy Holling sweatshirt, because it had reached that so-wonderful stage where the cuffs are frayed and it is so comfortable it feels like a down comforter you wear.

4 Names I’ve been called at one time or another:
1. Putzy (high school)
2. Long-haired Hippie Phreak (college – marching band, mostly)
3. Scotty J (first by Larry Meyer, then camp friends)
4. Bubba (Beloved’s pet name for me – she tried to say “Baby on the phone one night and it came out “Bubba” and stuck)

4 Professions I secretly Want to Try:
1. English Professor
2. Folk Musician
3. Charter Bus Driver
4. Coffee Shop Owner

4 Musicians I’d most want to go on a date with:
1. Sheryl Crow
2. Jewel
3. KT Tunstall
4. Harry Connick, Jr. and his wife (‘cause hey, I’d be double dating with a cool guy and a Victoria’s Secret model!)

4 Foods I’d rather Throw than Eat
1. Squash
2. Lutefisk (can you throw it? I suppose so)
3. Tofu
4. Soft Corn Tortillas (cause they fly like ninja stars…)

4 Things I Like to Sniff
1. Whatever I’m cooking
2. My baby’s head
3. Freshly ground coffee
4. New shoes

Feel free to play - leave a comment if you do.