17 September 2007

USC 49, NU 31 - Ouch

*sigh* It was that kind of night for my beloved Huskers. Painful doesn't even begin to describe this game - we got outcoached, outplayed, outmuscled and, frankly, blown out. Granted, a drastic momentum shift occurred after an injury on a kickoff, but great teams (like USC) make their own momentum. Wow, I just couldn't believe how poorly we played and how ugly this team looked. The image of Bo Ruud, #51 in the picture above (and great-grandson of Clarence Swanson, a son of Wakefield, Nebraska, my hometown) says it all.


  1. And let's be honest...the final score didn't really reflect just how bad it got.

    USC is really good this year!

  2. It did suck and we did look ugly.

    I was thinking of actually doing a write up on "end of times" stuff comparing Revelations to the upsets and parity that are prevalent in college football these days.

    OTOH, it's a very fine line between funny and blasphemy, isn't it?

  3. Oh, man, LP, you're killing me! :-)

    How far we've fallen: Florida fans consoling Huskers. Uff da.

    Yeah, you're both right - it was an ugly night and we looked TERRIBLE. I thought of the 62-24 1996 Fiesta Bowl drubbing more than once, with USC playing the role of Nebraska and NU playing the role of the Gators. Kinda sucks when you learn how the other half felt...

  4. Scott - a decade later and you are still beating us poor gators with that loss?!?!? Trust me, we've suffered enough over that loss. Remind me some time and I will tell you about that night in Gville. It was the worst party I ever hosted!

  5. LP: no beating or suffering intended - just a reflection of how I now understand some of the pain. Sorry!

    Ouch. That must have been one hell of a lousy party. We've had a couple like that over the years, too. Sorry to have ruined your night. You tell me your story (and the one of last year's NC) and I'll tell you about being at the Fiesta Bowl that year.

  6. I'll take last week's USC game compared to this week's Ball State debacle. Sheesh. What are we coming to??????????? I want my Huskers back!!!!!!!!!!!