10 October 2007

Grey Day Runnin'

So, even though yesterday was so very, very grey, I did manage to get out for a five mile run. With 20 mph winds I revised my normal five mile route so that I wouldn't hit the wind head-on more than a quarter mile or so. But even a side wind of that magnitude affects your pace. Even so, I finished in a decent 49:00 - not flying, certainly, but not shuffling, either. And surprisingly, very little huffing and puffing; I probably could have stepped it up more had the weather been more cooperative.

So, next Saturday's half-marathon may not be a complete disaster. I haven't trained nearly as well as I'd hoped; only one run of more than seven miles, and now it's far too late to throw one in. But if I can break two hours I'll feel okay about things. Frankly, it's becoming more of a pleasure race than anything else; I was invited in by our good friend Jessi and a few of their friends are in the race, too. Maybe we'll just pack up and smile and jog 13 miles together? Should be fun however it works out.

Today we went to the gym in Alexandria for our normal Wednesday morning workout, and I felt really good - stepped up some weight sets and got a mile in on the treadmill before and after the weight session. Kinda fun working out with Beloved again - we haven't done that since we were dating back at Luther Seminary. Tomorrow I'll run again, then maybe a bike ride Friday morning before a seven-miler Saturday, if I can fit it in before or after our Synod council meeting.

And that's the running update from Barrett.


  1. Hey... This is not so much a response to this post as it is a response to a comment you left on my blog...

    I hope you don't think that I think that all people from your seminary are assholes. I mean, I actually think the three in that entry are good guys. In fact, one of them was my roommate at the event last year and probably will be again this year... I just wasn't fond of the way things happened at the meeting.

    In fact, against my better judgment, I'm learning to like alumni from your seminary ;)

  2. Oops! Not at all - it was entirely tongue-in-cheek. I live in a synod where it is referred to as "THE seminary" and folks from the MotherShip and others are looked at in varying degrees of confusion and suspicion - but you and I grew up far away from any of this and I'd like to think we've got a broader perspective than that. So, it was totally a joke at the expense of myself, my own MotherShip and your colleagues - because hey, only assholes don't have a sense of humor. ;-)

  3. So I was pretty sure that it was tongue in cheek, but I just wanted to make sure. I mean, I know people who went to your seminary are assholes, I just didn't want people to think that people from MY seminary were the same way. I'd hate it if others didn't realize we are WAY better than you people.