01 October 2007

Growing Up

I stopped growing up
quite some time ago.
Somehow my body knew when to say,
"That's enough."
and then I no longer had to jump
for the potato chips
on top of the fridge -
I could reach them all by myself.

I watch my little one
growing up
and I feel as though I have suddenly
started growing up again.
I am not the unremarkable guy
looking into the eyes of my peers;
I am a colossus who stoops and swoops
a little girl
skyward with squeals of delight.
Together we are a giant -
she, perched on my shoulders and giggling;
me, dancing and praying,
"Don't ever grow up."

The books are climbing the bookcases because
the baby is climbing toward the books.
The inexorable march of
swaddling blankets to
bassinet to
crib to
playset and now
the walker
is pulling me back to my unremarkable self;
until comes the day when I am
but a man, fallible and balding, paunchy and somewhat embarrassing.

But I will remember these sweet, small days:
the colossus who wrestles with the child until we are both
breathless and giggled out;
the giant who comes in the night
bearing bottles and a fresh diaper;
the king of the house who bends his knee
to serve these ladies whom he adores.

All this begun by one tiny breath,
one blessed wail,
a hand to clutch my fingers
and eyes to melt my heart.
We are growing up together,
my little one and I;
and we shall never,

Thanks to Milton for the post that inspired this poem.


  1. Darn it, Scott! I read this and it almost made me cry. This is a great piece and I felt every emotion possible as I read the passages.

    My heart swells when I think of my children. I can not imagine a day without them -- although there are days which push me to my edge. But doesn't every father have those days? All it takes is a good bear hug on one of those days and my life is put back into perspective.

    I think God has truly blessed fathers. Who else can be horse, monster, bean-bag, and jungle gym all in one evening? Who else gets titles like 'Fixer of Scrapes', 'Defender from Boogie Monsters', or 'Greatest Story Reader'? But mostly, who else gets to be the one your child runs to and yells, "Daddy!" I know your daughter can not do this yet ... but she will. And when she does, your heart too will be glad.

    God bless you and your family. Thanks for the post.

  2. The poem is wonderful, Scott. How lucky she is to grow up with a dad like you.


  3. you proud daddy you! it is a wonderful piece... so good it almost makes me want to forgive you for slammin' my Wildcats. Don't worry i'll be wearin' the purple at the NU game in Nov.

  4. This is just one, of the MANY, reasons why I love you so much hun. You are a romantic in every sense of the word. And watching you with our daugther fills me with so much love, joy and pride, it truly melts my heart. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and an amazing father. I love you Bubba!

  5. Wow.

    This is one of the most touching, heartfelt, and well-written poems I've ever read.

    So good, in fact, that until I got to the comment about Milton's post, I assumed that it was one you had found in a collection somewhere.

    Take that as the compliment it's meant to be. GREAT stuff! And even though I'm dad to a boy, I share your sentiment...

  6. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for this, it is definitely one of the best things I have run across in the last couple of weeks. Thank you.

  7. It is amazing how our children inspire us so. Great work, I loved reading it.