22 October 2007

Husker Pain

One thing I neglected to mention in the weekend report was another disheartening loss for our beloved Cornhuskers. As painful as this season has been, I think it's even more painful to hear about the low-class assholes who booed and chanted at Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove's son in a high school football game in Lincoln. That kind of idiotic, juvenile behavior betrays everything I have ever loved about being a Husker fan, and I hope I never hear of something like that again.

Having said that, it's tough to watch the evasiveness and confusion coming out of the north stadium locker rooms: the constant non-answers and parsing of questions is just exhausting for fans accustomed to accountability and honesty. Sam McKewon of the Nebraska StatePaper has another great article about the mess that is Cornhusker football today: read it here.

Ah, for the days when we could chant, "Big Red in the Orange Bowl" and actually think it would happen. Maybe someday we'll get there again.

1 comment:

  1. Must have something to do with color. My big red is also constantly loosing. (The last game we saw ended 15-32. Sigh!)

    People here don't jell any kind of juvenile something. They just leave. And so I found me and my family almost alone in a huge stadium for the last quarter. Eerie feeling!