25 October 2007

Seven True Things

I've been tagged by LutherLiz to tell you Seven True Things about myself. Cool!

1. I love to both stay up late and get up early. (Thus two blog posts after 10:00 tonight) In college, I'd often be up until midnight or later, but would sleep late. After delivering papers for a couple of years, I grew to love the quiet of 6:00 am (or even earlier) and since then I've been a morning person of sorts. This is a bit of a problem, since I lose motivation to run when I wake up tired, and heaven knows with an infant we're waking up tired a lot this year.

2. Like a lot of pastors, I'm an introvert in an extrovert's profession. I enjoy Sunday mornings, but they are absolutely exhausting for me: I generally come home, make a pot of coffee, grab the Sunday paper and disappear from society for the rest of the day.

3. I have a serious problem with fast food restaurants. Whenever I'm driving to or from cities where the golden arches and the like are convenient I have to force myself to not take the drive-thru for a burger, fries and a chocolate shake. This would explain how I once weighed 270 pounds; in college I ate nothing but burgers and fries and the like for nearly four years straight.

4. One of the reasons I like being a runner so much is the gear. I'm a total REI/Road Runner Sports junkie. Beloved sent me to REI for a new nalgene bottle today and I spent 30 minutes looking at waterproof running jackets and trying to figure out how I could save for one for next winter.

5. I was in the marching band at the University of Nebraska, and I had to sit out one game my third year due to injury. I pulled a groin muscle when one of my friends and I were horsing around before practice on game day, but it didn't stiffen up until I was in uniform and getting ready to march to the stadium. But it hurt so bad I couldn't even walk, so they carted me to and from the stadium - in uniform - and I spent most of the game sitting in the band section icing my groin. To make matters worse, my high school football coach saw me going out of the stadium on the cart and laughed his fool head off.

6. I have tried to read The Brothers Karamazov three times and have failed in each attempt.

7. I haven't smoked a cigarette in over three years. Woo hoo!

So, now I have to tag seven people. I tag LutheranHusker, Mark, RuthRE, HotCup, David, MoSup and Skdo. Have fun!

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