08 November 2007

Good Monday Project

One item I neglected to mention in the previous post is my latest project in the shop: I'm building an Adirondack chair from scratch, using lumber I selected at our local Big Hardware Store and cut for myself from a pattern. This week I finished assembling the seat and I cut, sanded and started to assemble the back before realizing I need shorter screws. I had Beloved come out to the shop to get some 'action' shots:

Sanding the pieces for the seat

Screwing the crosspieces onto the legs

The Not-Quite-Finished Product:

Hopefully, it'll be warm enough Monday that I can shape the arms with my belt sander and finish assembling the back. I also need to replace the rear speakers in Beloved's car, so it could be a long day in the shop. Yeah, I know - twist my arm. But, hey, at least I'm using that tool belt once in a while!

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