08 November 2007

Hey there Hi there Ho there!

So, um, yeah, haven't posted anything other than sermons in a while. Bet all my fans are missing me (yes, I do mean both of you.)!

We've been kinda crazy round here lately. It's pretty much been like this:
Wake up.
Play with the kid.
Run (or not).
Go to the office.
Catch up on office stuff.
Make a visit/Read a journal/Prepare lessons for Confirmation-Adult Bible Study/Return phone calls/Plan worship/Write the newsletter article/Watch the kid so she doesn't electrocute herself at the not-so-childproof office.
Go home.
Run (or not).
Shower (or not).
Bowl of soup & sandwich for supper.
Pit Band Rehearsal for "Annie, Get Your Gun/Evening Meetings/Feed the kid/Put the kid to bed/Put the kid to bed AGAIN/Watch episodes of the new "Battlestar Galactica" while listening to the kid sleep.

But it's good nonetheless. Here's one example of what has become the highlight of my day:

Seriously, I'd just about light myself on fire to hear that laugh more often. :-)

We had family visit a few weekends ago, so we took them up to Inspiration Peak in west central Minnesota. Most years the colors are fabulous around the area, but with the dry weather we had all summer, colors weren't so good this year. The view, however, is still fabulous, and we had a great day for a family hike:

So, that's the update from here for right now - we're having fun in Minnesota!

Now, it's off to pit band rehearsal! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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