16 December 2007

Hard to Get - take a listen

Some of you might not have heard Rich Mullins' song "Hard To Get," the one I used as an intro to the sermon this morning in worship. Here's a YouTube posting of the song. Yeah, I know it's just a blank screen, but it's the best I can do right now.

A side note, which occurred to me this morning: when "The Jesus Record" was actually recorded in studio, the musicians put a lot of work into making the demos Rich had recorded into a finished product. I don't want to insult their hard work, but it needs to be said: "Hard to Get" is better, by a million times, as recorded by Rich on his guitar in an abandoned church somewhere in Kansas. The song just isn't supposed to be anything but rough -that's part of the beauty.



  1. I have The Jesus Record, double album, and I think I've only listened to the non-Rich Mullins demo recordings cd once. Other than that, I've only listened to Rich's versions of the songs. They just spoke to me much more than the others.

  2. Scotty,

    Thank you for posting this. This song speaks into these dark days I'm living in now. In fact, I had even been praying recently the "lost enough to let myself be led" line. I remembered it from when we used to listen to this back in your dark days -- those days of Friends and Survivor giving a pattern to your week and sitting next to me watching Bull Durham while I let you sleep, not wanting to wake you in case it was the only time you had been able to sleep in weeks and not felt so lonely.

    These dark days suck, when it seems that God and everything else is just playing hard to get.