07 March 2008

Womb With A View, or, Where The Boys Aren't, or, Somewhere My Mother Is Cackling With Glee

It's a girl! We just got back from the ultrasound and it is undeniably a female alien crawling around Kristin's uterus. Very active, very healthy, very much where she should be in terms of size, etc. Moving a LOT during the ultrasound, too - we think we saw her sucking her thumb once or twice. Guess this one's Daddy's girl in a whole different way.

I'm happy - very, very happy to know we're having another girl. But I'm also screwed. Undeniably, irrevocably, absolutely screwed. With a boy, there might have been a chance of holding my own at home. But three on one, with Daddy horribly, ecstatically, over-the-moon in love with all three? Please.

If you need me for the next 30 years or so, I'll be the confused looking guy sitting in the corner, hiding in a book or working in the shop, wondering exactly who these wondrous creatures are that share his home and life. It will be mystifying and adventurous, being the only man in the house; sort of like Jane Goodall among the apes, albeit with less hair and a far better smell. And hopefully less slinging of feces. Best of all, God is again laughing at us, well, me in particular, because after raising up three boys without a daughter in sight, my mother is finally getting her revenge.



  1. Congratulations, sir. That is wondrous news indeed! And, yes, find a hobby that keeps you out of the way. Best to appear harmless.

  2. Congratulations!

    Gotta disagree with you, though, on staying "out of the way."

    My best memories of my dad are when I was little, doing things together: being his little helper on our farm, going fishing with him, etc.

    Statistically, girls who have a strong relationship with their dads, and spend a lot of time with them, do better in school and subsequently in life; are less inclined to become involved in premature sexual relationships (I know that's the last thing you want to think about, but...I'm just sayin') and other negative peer-group activities; are more confident and capable. So please don't practice gender apartheid in your home, even in a joking, Men-are-from-Mars way.

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations! I'm sure that my dad would tell you he was very involved having two girls. he coached soccer and softball and I owe my sports allegiances and fanaticism to him. So don't worry about that..

    There will be moments though, but you'll do just great!

  4. I feel your pain. Our boys are grown now, one out of the house and one leaving in a year. Then I will be alone with my wife and two daughters. Having the boys at home was good, but all good things come to an end.

  5. Nothing like little girls...though I am pleased that we are having a boy this time around.

  6. Congratulations! And beautiful post.

  7. Congratulations!! I have to admit, I'm really happy we only have one princess and 2 boys. :) But I definitely think you should entitle this one "Somewhere my Mother Is Cackling With Glee." Seems appropriate!! I'm sure everyone's thrilled!!

  8. Sister-in-Law is cackling with glee too! That's too funny!

    But I have to say, you will love them both and someday, wonder what you could have done without them. I wasn't so sure about having a boy, but he warmed my heart fast.

    I'm sure both girls will have you wrapped around their fingers with glee and you will will enjoy every minute!


  9. Speaking as the father of Brittany and Wendy, Scott, you have nothing to fear!!