12 March 2008

Yes, Sir, That's My Baby

So, here's the good news: Kristin has found a part-time job working in youth ministry at Collegiate Presbyterian Church in Ames. The staff is great, she likes the office and her co-workers, things are good. So, great, right?

Well, yes. They're good folks, and we realized this when Kristin went in on Friday to sign some papers and get things rolling on the payroll stuff. Ainsley, of course, came along for the ride. She walked into the office with Mommy and was, of course, an instant hit; our little girl is pretty much our best public relations ploy at the moment. That is, until you put her down and let her walk around and see what's what.

There was this statue of Jesus somewhere in the office, and naturally Ainsley wanted to investigate. So, under Mommy's watchful eye, she walked over and patted it on the head. It promptly fell over. And broke.

That's right: my kid broke Jesus.

When I was five years old or so, my aunt & uncle bought their first house and we helped them move in. It was a split level with fairly modern construction, including an open staircase and railings. To a five year old farm boy, of course, such things are meant to double as a jungle gym. Within ten minutes of arriving in the house I had pulled their railing out of the drywall. Fifteen years later, the same aunt and uncle moved into a new house in the same city, and we again helped them move. This time, I was just walking downstairs when I stepped wrong, grabbed the railing for support and again pulled their railing out of the wall. (When we moved into our new house in Ames, we invited the aunt & uncle to return the favor when they came for a short visit - and they politely declined.) I've got a reputation for breaking something the minute I get going in a new house/job/etc. It's nice to know that my kid is now known for making the same destructive first impression.

But that's not the worst of it. At the time, the office administrator just watched the statue topple and said, "That's really funny." Sort of bemused about it, you know - kids just break stuff sometimes. But when Kristin returned to attend her first staff meeting yesterday, she discovered that Ainsley had not just broken a statue - it was a sculpture done by Christian Peterson, a local artist of some repute whose works are all over the campus. I'm assuming it's a reproduction, because the staff was still laughing about it yesterday, but seriously, I'm beginning to feel like the Topper - "That's nothing. My kid broke Jesus!"


  1. I don't know.....I do have an idea what both mom and dad are capable of....I don't think I would blame it all on dad quite yet. But, just think....she'll have a new understanding on life....once you broke Jesus, there ain't no looking back. =)

  2. Oh my ....

    I've always understood that kids break things, but why is it always the good stuff?

    Oh well ... at least the office is still laughing.

  3. So, uh, if Jesus is broken, does this mean Easter is off???

  4. Well, Jesus did say, "Let the little children come to me." :)

    Ah, well, there's a sermon illustration here somewhere.

  5. Oh, my. She's powerful, isn't she?

  6. HA!! That's so funny! Welcome to the world of redheads. We have 2 of those, possibly 3. :) (The verdict is still out on the baby's hair color, but he's got the temper....)

  7. A few of my peers were at a friend's house tonight and the hostess was attempting to keep people from getting into her bedroom. She had a crucifix on the wall next to her bedroom door. Had is the key word. One fellow ran at the door, in jest, and was shoved out of the line of the door and straight into the crucifix. The hostess is a Catholic from a devout family. We all gave him heck for breaking the crucifix right before Holy Week. At least the office is laughing. He was too afraid to tell the hostess' mother.

    God is Love,