30 May 2008

Friday Five: Garage Sale!

Songbird and will smama are responsible for this week's Friday Five. I'm not much of a garage sale person, but it's a step in a different direction for the FF. So here goes:

Welcome to your irregularly scheduled Fifth Friday Five, hosted by will smama
and Songbird!Since will smama is preparing for a joint garage sale with her
parents, and Songbird's church had a Yard and Plant Sale last Saturday, we have
five enormously important questions we hope you will answer:

1) Are you a garage saler?
Umm, yes, but only for certain items. Like cheap clothes and tools, etc. I’m NOT a “go to every garage sale and grab whatever looks like a good deal even if I’ll never need it” garage saler.

2) If so, are you an immediate buyer or a risk taker who comes back later when prices are lower?
They do that? Why not price it low in the first place?

3) Seriously, if you're not a garage saler, you are probably not going to want to play this one.(That wasn't really #3.)

3) This is the real #3: What's the best treasure you've found at a yard or garage sale?
My parents found a horribly ugly chair at a garage sale my freshman year in college. Seriously, it was a block of wood covered in that ugly brown striped ‘70s upholstery – a real dog of a chair. But it was super-comfortable and I had it for nearly fifteen years. It’s now in the youth room at Peace Lutheran Church in Barrett, MN because I replaced it with my Grandpa Johnson’s recliner (also somewhat ugly, but not nearly so much).

4)If you've done one yourself, at church or at home, was it worth the effort?
I haven’t, and I don’t think I ever will, because for me it would definitely NOT be worth the effort.

5) Can you bring yourself to haggle?
Not in a million years. I have a hard time haggling over used cars, for crying out loud...

BONUS: For the true aficionado: Please discuss the impact of Ebay, Craig's List, Freecycle, etc... on the church or home yard/garage sale.
I don’t think they’ve really impacted garage sales that much. Let’s face it: when you reach the bottom line, it’s still just folks trying to get rid of their crap, and we’ve all got a LOT of CRAP. Thus the picture of my favorite comedian, George Carlin, and a quote: "A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff...Have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit, and your shit is stuff?"