13 June 2008

Uh-Oh - Second Baby Syndrome? OR Haven't We Done All This Before?

So, last Wednesday was the final ultrasound for Baby #2. I'm just now posting the pictures. Is this a sign of things to come? Hope not - and I imagine when she's a real, kicking baby as opposed to some alien looking thing on a computer monitor, things will be different.

Anyway, here she is! Everything is as it should be and where it should be, and it was quite a show. She sucked on her fingers and tried to wave at Mommy, Daddy & Grandma M while we were watching - it was precious. Still on target for the 25th of July, if not a bit ahead of that, which isn't surprising, as Kristin looks VERY pregnant these days and is even more ready not to be. Have I mentioned the awesomeness of my wife before?

In a really funny concurring development, Ainsley has taken to carrying her baby doll EVERYWHERE over the last two days. Her Uncle Kevin bought her a nice doll for Christmas, but for the most part she ignored it until just a few weeks ago. Then one day, she insisted we diaper the baby when Ainsley's own diaper was being changed. Now she takes it with her everywhere - outside, to the table to eat, all over the basement when she's playing, everywhere. We just hope she doesn't drop her little sister like she sometimes drops the baby!

Another somewhat-related note: we watched the movie Waitress last night after Ainsley was down for bed. It's a great little movie, with lots of heart. Some uncomfortable abuse issues and a remarkably talented group of actors make it a bit more than your everyday "woman with a bun in the oven having existential issues" movie. And the pies? Wow, do they look delicious. Good stuff.

Proud Papa


  1. I love that movie! I was singing,

    "Baby don't you cry,
    Gonna make a pie,
    Gonna make a pie,
    With a heart in the middle"

    for days and days...

  2. I love these newfangled baby pictures!