27 July 2008

The New 365 Project: the Family

I have no idea if this will work or not, but since we're a new family, it seems sensible for me to take on a new 365 project: our family. So, here's some more pictures of Alanna's birth to get us started.

Daddy's first diaper change:

Alanna & Kris in our new minivan; proof, according to some friends, that we've joined the "Breeder" class:

Ainsley discovers that Grandma M has a REAL LIVE BABY - HI!:

A nice quiet moment for Dad & Alanna:

Finally, picture #1 in the 365 project, my girls:


  1. What a beautiful family you have!

  2. Well, the minivan is practical (says the driver of a Volvo wagon...).

  3. Cute baby!!:)Hope all is well, im training for another 1/2 right now, its kinda lacking.....sometimes its just hard to get the running in...anywho, take care!

  4. As a father whose youngest is now going into the third grade...I'm soooo glad we traded our mini van and got a Camry!

    God's blessing on your beautiful family!