01 August 2008

Friday Five BLOCKED Edition

Apparently RevGals got blocked last night by Blogger on the suspicion that they are a SPAM website. Kinda funny but apparently pretty common for a big blog like that. It served as inspiration for this week's Friday Five:

1) How do you amuse yourself when road construction blocks your travel?
My campus pastor used to carry a book everywhere he went. Me? I carry my iPod. But even that doesn't always help - I will drive twenty miles out of my way to keep moving forward rather than sit and burn gas in a traffic stop. I loathe and despise 'just sitting here,' in both metaphoric and actual incidences.

2) Have you ever locked yourself out of your house? (And do you keep an extra key somewhere, just in case?)
When we lived in small town Minnesota the only time we locked the house was when we were asleep inside it, so locking up has become a new thing for us here in Ames. I haven't locked myself out yet, but I've been locked out by my loving wife a couple of times. In the hullabaloo of moving, new kids and sundry, we haven't found a suitable hiding place for the yet-to-be-cut extra key - that'll be done sometime before Christmas, I hope.

3) Have you ever cleared a hurdle? (And if you haven't flown over a material hurdle, feel free to take this one metaphorically.)
I'd have to say that my biggest hurdle was when I quit smoking cigarettes in 2003 after 13 years and several failed attempts (I still enjoy the occasional pipe or cigar, but my beloved Lucky Strikes make me sick these days - am I supposed to be happy about that?) I and two friends at Luther Seminary had made the attempt to quit our Lenten discipline, but I was the only one who made it. I think asking Kristin out for our first date one week before Lent started might have had something to do with my success. :-)

4) What's your approach to a mental block?
Crouching Coffee, Hidden Ice Cream. Nothing else works for me. :-)

5) Suggest a caption for the picture above; there will be a prize for the funniest answer!
"The Most Popular Booth At The Paper Chain Figure High School Career Fair:"

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