09 September 2008

Happy Times

I am still regularly amazed at how much I love being a father. Granted, sometimes it's a big pain in the tucchus - especially days like yesterday, when it was raining and Alanna would. not. sleep. But that 1% of life with my girls is overwhelmed regularly by the 99% that is a great adventure.

Cases in point. #1 - yesterday afternoon, while Kristin was taking a short nap, Ainsley needed a diaper change. Before I could even take her hand and lead her to the changing table, she walked over to it, pointed, and 'told' me she needed a change. #2 - Ainsley loves the "Teddy Bear Song," which includes one line, "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, show your shoes..." When I was singing it to her this morning, doing the actions with Ainsley's big pink teddy bear, Ainsley did indeed show me her shoes - both the ones on her feet AND THEN the ones in her closet. Again, with no prompting. Watching her begin to comprehend stuff like this is just joyful.

We had a fun weekend, even though I spent a good portion of it doing ministry work. Saturday morning we went to nearby Boone, IA for the Pufferbilly Parade. It was fun!

Before we left, though, we had to do some playtime together:

Alanna is trying to figure out if she really likes her new playmat or not - and how long Ainsley will let her enjoy it unmolested:

The Baby Bjorn is a great tool for the "baby who must be held:"

One big happy pre-parade group!

The happy family watching the parade:


note the lovely uniform step from the Little Cyclone Marching Band - nicely done, guys!

Who wouldn't love these girls?

Daddy & Alanna sharing a "no hair" moment...

Alanna, six weeks & change:


  1. That is some serious familial cuteness!

  2. oh i so enjoy photos of your girls... those sweet little face always cheer me up!