02 September 2008

Reason # 823 I'm A Husker

Well, there are several reasons in this story - you get to pick which one you like, the "90 years old and just going to his first Husker game" or the "sharing my tickets so a 90 year old can go to his first game" or the "small town guy who roots for his home team" or ...

Anyway, this is a pretty cool story.

ps: after a serious coffee infusion at the office followed by a fun afternoon with my girls, I'm somewhat out of the "OVER. INFANTS." camp. Somewhat. We'll see how I feel at 3:00 tomorrow morning.


  1. that is a cool story! he even complemented the marching band... heh heh might use this story as an analogy in the sermon... but we'll see, the sermon is still percolating.

  2. When I lived in CA in the mid to late 90's there was a couple in our congregation who always talked about Nebraska and Husker football. They were up on everything and spoke as if they were really in CA on almost a long vacation. I was guessing they had been out of Nebraska for a few years, ten tops. So one day I got up the courage and asked them when they moved to CA?...answer: 1963.... I'm sure you can understand, but from my point of view I don't know if it was still fair to say to people, "We are from Nebraska."