02 September 2008

Scott of the Dead

Fell asleep on the couch watching Sportscenter last night after a thrilling UCLA-Tennessee game. Alanna woke up crying 30 minutes after I stumbled into our bed upstairs, sucked down a bottle, threw it all back up while I was trying to swaddle her, and then refused to either eat or sleep for the next 45 minutes. Finally I put her down, went into our bedroom, lay down, and flat out ignored her grunts over the monitor and pretended to be asleep when Kristin got up to take care of her (this is SO our second child). Then I got up at 6:00 with Alanna, fed her another bottle, and promptly put her on the floor on a blanket when she refused again to go to sleep. All of this without a bean or ground of coffee in the house.


That is all.


  1. Scott of the Dead is surely your Viking name right?! ;)

  2. Welcome to the reality of what happens when you plan out life. =)