30 December 2008

Taking A Bit Of A Break

I've been out of town at my parents' farm for the past few days, and tomorrow I'm leaving for the Lutheran Student Movement National Gathering in Chicago. So, I likely won't be blogging much for the next week - and that's okay, I'm feeling a need for a bit of a break at the moment. Many cares requiring my attention, taking away any hope of being reflective or creative for a short time.

Until I'm back, though, here are some of my favorite pics of a great family holiday in Nebraska.

Alanna & her cousin N discuss the finer points of Exer-Saucer care and maintenance, including improvements in the flavoring for plastic giraffes.

Daddy prepares to literally scare the snot out of Ainsley by sledding down a hill Grandpa Johnson made while clearing the home place of snow. Daddy had fun. Ainsley did not.

Daddy must have told Alanna one of his excellent jokes, right? :-)

This was a great moment for me: watching Ainsley help her Great-grandma Janke open a Christmas present. I remember doing something similar for my Great-grandma Spangler many years ago.

My girls, Christmas morning, in my parents' living room. It doesn't get much sweeter than this for me.
Happy New year to you all!

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