20 January 2009

The Dumbass Moment Of The Day, Or, The Early Bird Gets The Mess

If they can make coffeemakers that can adjust for temperature, brewing strength, even grind their own beans, why can't they make a coffeemaker that knows the pot is not under the water spout? Because that's apparently too much to ask of the moron who brews the coffee around here.


No, the picture is not my mess - my mess was bigger. And spilled onto the floor.


  1. I have that same coffeepot.

    And I have made, I daresay, exactly the same mess.

    Bummer. I find the cruelest bit is that the house smells like coffee, but there is none to be had.

  2. Shalom - you're completely right! I got up, smelled the coffee, and was devastated when there was none to be had. Way to capture my feelings exactly!

  3. I also have that coffeepot and I also have awakened to a counter that looks just like that. Same side of the sink too!

  4. That same moron also brews the coffee over at my place.