19 February 2009

Best of Times, Worst of Times (Warning: Explicit Language)

Yeah, it's been one of those days.

I had a great time at Theology Pub tonight. Good conversation, good give and take, good beer - what's not to like? Ten people showed up and we enjoyed each other's company while we talked about fertility treatments, welfare, mental illness and the church (guess which story occasioned the discussion points?).

But the whole way there I was seething at a situation that's been building all week for a dear friend of mine. It involves an overbearing parent taking every single opportunity to mis-hear, mis-communicate and be offended by whatever explanation my friend can offer. Forget meeting halfway - this half-wit has now asked for my friend to be fired. Normally I try to see things on both sides of the issue, but I know this friend, I know the situation the friend has described and I know that there is absolutely no way this is my friend's fault, no way at all.

It's stuff like this that makes me want to tell the church to go fuck itself sometimes. And there you have the eternal problem facing everyone who makes their living tending to people Jesus loves and everyone else thinks is an asshole.

Yeah, that's crude, but I don't care - I needed to blow off some steam. Thanks for letting me vent.



EDITED FRIDAY MORNING: Now it's two families that are putting it to my friend, who is now pretty much bewildered at the reaction. I've been a part of what this friend has done in the past, and I've never seen a reaction like this, either. I'm rapidly moving from shock to anger, and will say no more just so's I can keep a level head.

EDITED FRIDAY AFTERNOON: My friend has been asked to resign. Pray for my friend, and for the people who forced my friend out of a job about which my friend cared a great deal.


  1. Venting is good.

    Ranting is good.

    We all need it. I'm glad you found a place to do it.

    No judgment.

  2. I think anybody trying to live authentic Christianity wants to tell the church to F itself sometimes.

    Someone once said, the "In the Body of Christ,when somebody is the elbow, somebody else is the a$$hole."

  3. Right here with you, sorry this has happened.

  4. Sure, they'll get rid of your friend and then do the same to the next one who comes along...evil!