06 February 2009

My Favorite Music

The Friday Five this week at RevGals is about our favorite things. I'm going to change the 'assignment' just a bit to point out some cool music that I really love.

First up is Storyhill, who I first heard on a date with Beloved before we were married. I think I might have posted this song here before, but I don't care - I just love their music and could listen all day long.

Second is Justin Roth performing "Dead Horse Trampoline." Justin did a house concert in Barrett when we lived there, and we're hoping to get him to come and do the same at the Lutheran Center sometime next year. He's a fabulously talented guitarist in addition to being a good singer, as you can see from "Bagshot Row" which follows "DHT."

Third is Peter Mayer, who I first heard when someone gave a disc of his stuff to Kristin. He's another remarkably talented guitarist; both Peter and Justin Roth have studied "finger-tap" style guitar with Billy McLaughlin. "Birthday Party" shows off his skills as a songwriter and a guitarist:

Fourth is the Wailin' Jennys, singing "One Voice," which I believe is now available in choral arrangement, for those of you who lead or sing in such groups. We heard the Jennys at the Minnesota State Fair on A Prairie Home Companion, came home and downloaded an album from iTunes. Beautiful voices, indeed!

Finally, KT Tunstall. You probably heard "Black Horse" on the radio over the last couple of years. I heard her perform the song live on NPR Weekend Edition and couldn't believe one person could make this much great music with a guitar, tambourine, loop machine and voice. But she can, and here's living proof:

You'll notice that all of these are live performances. I've discovered over the past few years that I really don't like studio music that much. Frankly, if it requires a computer and several folks standing offstage to make your music work, I'm just not that interested. But if you do stuff that requires only an instrument and/or your voice, I'll give a listen. It's just who I am these days, I guess.

So, that's five favorite musicians this week. But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my absolute favorite thing - my girls:

Life is good, for sure.


  1. What a fun way to play this!

  2. oh i especially like the jennys... mmm yes indeed.

  3. flawless list. now I need to go find my old Chris & Johnny CDs...

  4. Wow. Thanks for sharing. These are amazing.

  5. That was fun and creative! Love the music. The girls are adorable..you are kinda cute as well. ;-)

  6. Maybe I should note that I'm not stalking you or anything...just thinking I saw you at F of H...but not sure.