10 February 2009

The UnBlogable Day

No, it's not what you might think. Today has actually been a really, really good day. But it has been so full that I haven't had time to blog about any of it, even though I've had several "that'll blog" moments, including:

  • The 'full circle' lectionary study this afternoon;
  • Driving with my windows down in February;
  • Generous congregations continuing to rise out of nowhere to support campus ministry;
  • Holy time spent in discernment with one of our students at a local coffee shop (yes, one might say we were on "holy grounds");
  • A truly excellent run;
  • A remarkable email I received from my ex-wife;
  • The mystery of Sunday's worship service; and
  • Tonight's realization that the church REALLY needs more teachers like Rob Bell.

That's just a few of the "that'll blog" moments from today. I might get to some of them this week. I might not. Right now, it's time to sip a beer, read the evening paper and find my way to bed before I fall asleep in the recliner downstairs. Good night, friends.

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