08 February 2009

Whoever You Are, Wherever You're Grieving, Thank You

I don't know you. But I know you're hurting, more than you ever thought possible, and for what it's worth, I want you to know how sorry I am for you.

You've been forced to say goodbye to someone you loved very deeply, who was taken far too soon. Perhaps it was a car accident, or the end of an illness that was too much to overcome. I don't know. Most likely, I'll never know. But I can't imagine the grief you feel right now.

However, in the midst of all that sorrow and pain, you made a choice to give others a chance at the life your beloved will never know. For that, I must say, "Thank you." You see, your gift is going to someone very dear to me and my family, and it's all because you were willing to let others be helped when the person you loved was beyond help.

I know it doesn't make your grief any less. Believe me, if I could, I'd take that pain away from you. No one should have to suffer the way you're suffering now. I just wanted you to know that what you did was noble and gracious, and we don't have the words to tell you what a blessing you've become to us.

So, friend, whoever you are, wherever you're grieving tonight, if it will ease your pain at all, we say, "Thank you." May the angels who surround you give you whatever comfort they can give to ease the pain of your grief. We will hold you and your family in our prayers. God bless you.

For more information on becoming an organ donor, click here.


  1. uhm yes nicely said indeed... having had my brother's life saved from someone else's tragedy.

  2. This is a beautiful reflection. I've never personally known anyone who has benefitted from organ donation, but I know how critical it is. And I so admire the families who are able to make that decision in the midst of grief.