19 May 2009

Another Addition To The Family

Hi - I'm Jack! The Bald Guy brought me home from the animal shelter today and I've been checking out the new digs ever since. So far it's pretty cool. The Bald Guy seems to be the boss: I heard the Lady say something about "Alpha," but then the Bald Guy said something about church programs and laughed and I'm not sure what all that was about. The Lady is really nice; she spent ten minutes cuddling with me on the floor tonight while the Bald Guy finished getting the Shorties out of their bath. Speaking of the Shorties, Baby Shorty was so nice; she crawled right up to me in the yard and giggled and laughed and played with me - it was really awesome. Curly Shorty was sleeping when I came home, so I had to wait to meet her. When I did, she freaked out - crying and jumping and running away. But after a while, she warmed up to my charming personality and even asked to go on a walk with me.
I do have some doubts about these folks; they have cats. The grey one doesn't say much and pretty well keeps to himself, but the black one is all up in my junk and hissy. He's not real thrilled, and not only that: he's got a potty mouth to boot!
Anyway, I was really hungry and they fed me good, they gave me lots of treats, and the Lady just spent twenty minutes coaxing me down into this room they call the Base-Ment so I could write my first post. It's really cool here! But the Bald Guy says we're going running in the morning, so I'd better go to sleep.
Jack the Dog


  1. Hi, Jack! I'm so glad you found a great home, like me. (I'm actually wondering if we're related, because you look just like me.)

    We don't have Shorties at our house (although Mamas keep talking about "grandbaby," which I think is a kind of Shorty, but it's not even born yet). We do have a cat, Mollie. I love her and want to be her best friend; she mostly ignores me, but maybe once a day she touches my nose to say, "Hi." I think your cats may wind up being like Mollie once they get used to you. (Hint: Don't try to bite them in the butt. They don't like that.)

    I'm glad you're going for a run tomorrow. I go on a run every day. Mamas take me to the cemetery, where I do steeplechase over the headstones, or else they take me to the park. I love to run. Mamas won't run with me, though; they're kind of old and fat, so they walk, or even just stand there and let me run around them.

    I'd say more, but it's naptime around here. I'm happy to know you! Your friend, Gertie.

  2. Hey Jack...
    My mom says you landed with a pretty spiffy family. Well, she says she can vouch for the balie at least, and she says if he's cool, the whole crew is for sure!

    We have no shorties and no cats here - good luck with the cats. I steer as clear as mom will let me, sometimes I slip on the floor in PetSmart trying to get past the adoption cats.

    Anyway, congrats on the new family! And good luck with the running tomorrow, mom says the baldie runs a long way sometimes!

    Your furfriend in CO,

  3. Hi, Jack! Congratulations on your new home! You have a great family. It sounds like you're adjusting well to your new digs and your new people. We can vouch for the fact that in a family, the ladies are the nicest and give the best treats. We're sorry though that you have to share your house with cats.

    Your friends,
    Newman the Catahoula
    Redford the Boxer puppy