31 July 2009

In Honor of G.I. Joe

Operation Sneaky Bastard is a GO.

Your Objective: 24 hours away from your children (code names "Curly Fries" and "Short Stuff"). Said 24 hours to include:
* One night in a local Bed and Breakfast equipped with a Jacuzzi tub
* A nice dinner with at least 30 minutes uninterrupted eating and/or conversation
* A possible side mission to engage in theatrical entertainment including popcorn and/or soda.
* Unlimited, uninterrupted sleep with the option of early coffee and reading for those who sleep faster.
* A morning excursion on a local bike trail
* Lunch with college friends
* Supply requisitions at Costco before returning to base.

To maximize the impact of Operation Sneaky Bastard, the element of surprise must be maintained. Therefore, this operation is classified "Top Secret" until it commences at 1600 hours CDT, or ...NOW.

As you were,
Sneaky Bastard


  1. Hope it was a successful mission!

  2. assuming the op was victorious... yippee! yahoo! yadda yadda!